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We’re making Oregon Trail Game alive again. Play and Enjoy!

Oregon Trail Game is a classic game which was developed way back 1970’s. It is a simple illustration of how the people in the 19th century lived.

This website was created to bring this classic game to this day and age. While millennials are addicted to video war or simulation games, classic games like Oregon Trail has been forgotten.

So we made a way for people who missed the journey of Independence to Oregon and all the obstacles it may have. Aside from that, this game can also be played by the children as it can enhance their critical thinking and decision making skills.

If you are having any issue using our site or playing the Oregon Trail game, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is willing to help you.

Meet Our Team

Bill Barlow (B.Sc & Ph.D)

Bill is a fan of video games because he grew up playing them. He is one of the biggest fans of the Oregon Trail and was able to teach his kids using this game. He is currently working on a big telecom company at the same time managing his online blogs. Until now, he appreciates the online gaming industry.


Marina Perez (B.Sc)
Operation Manager

Marina is one of the greatest assets of this company. She is very smart and hardworking that most of the employees are looking up to her. She loves sports and even if she is no longer a teenager, she’s still able to join outdoor activities especially triathlons. She also loves to cook healthy foods and creates her own recipes.

Jayson King (BS.CS)

Jayson is a proud programmer who works really hard to pursue his dream of becoming a software engineer. He is now studying while working to earn his master’s degree. He is an avid fan of mobile games which he considers a stress reliever. Aside from that, he is also a good singer. He sings on the events and sometimes joins contents.

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Furthermore, we do not sell any products and enclose the personal details of our readers. Ads will be disregarded if unlawful acts have been made.

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