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Oregon Trail APK Download: Simple Steps to Get Your Game

The Oregon Trail remains a classic game beloved by many generations of gamers. For over four decades, the game has had ten iterations and has sold over 65 million copies worldwide. However, the original 1980s version remains to be popular among gamers even until now. In fact, Big Fun and Target released a handheld version of your favorite childhood DOS game last year. You can even make your own version of the game by coding it on Python.

oregon trail apk download

Unfortunately, you can’t play the original version on your mobile device (we’ve done the searching and saved you the trouble of going through it again). However, you could play that version for free on websites like Classic Reload, which makes use of a DOS emulator on its site.

In this brief guide, we’re going to show you how to download and install Gameloft’s Oregon Trail manually on your Android device.

What is an APK File?

With so many applications available for download out there, you might have encountered the *.apk file extension a few times. APK, which stands for Android Application Package, is the file format created for the mobile operating system developed by Google. Files of this type are used to install an application on your Android devices.

When we download new apps on our devices, we usually don’t get to see these APK files because of app distribution platforms like Google Play. But there are a lot of developers out there who offer their apps outside Google Play by allowing you to download APK files manually on their websites.

Developers who want to make their apps public often compile their projects and pack them into an APK file. This file contains the program’s code assets, resources, manifest file, and certificates.

But a word of caution – before you download and install any APK file, make sure that you trust the source of the file. Make sure that your sources are 100% safe because malware, files that are designed to damage or do unwanted actions to your computer system, can be distributed in APK files.

Download The Oregon Trail (2010)

Gameloft released its first remake of the classic game in 2010. The video game was released for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Nintendo DSi, and BlackBerry.

Gameloft’s remake was loosely based on the beloved 1980s version. Gameplay was similar to MECC’s original game, where players had to push on a journey to the west while facing various challenges along the way. But this time around, Gameloft’s version took on a more video game approach with a simplified interface and better graphics. In this version, players could now explore more paths and play an assortment of mini-games such as panning for gold, fishing, and berry picking.

File VersionOregon Trail v1.08
File Size9.69 MB
System RequirementAndroid 2.1+

The Oregon Trail: American Settler (2011), popularly known as Pioneros

With the success of the 2009 mobile game, Gameloft released another iteration of the Oregon Trail two years later. The game was released for iOS, Android, and Java.

However, American Settler deviates from the gameplay of its predecessors. Players will now have to build a new town from scratch in this freemium mobile game. Similar to other town builder games, players will have to gather supplies and build houses and business establishments for your new settlement to flourish. 

File VersionAmerican Trail Pioneros v2.9.1c
File Size34.34 MB
System RequirementAndroid 2.3+

Installing APK Files on Your Device

Before proceeding with the installation of the app on your device, make sure that you have allowed your device to install APK files from unknown sources. A word of precaution: make sure that the source of your APK files are 100% safe so that you don’t accidentally download malware.

Allowing Installation of APK Files

  1. Open the Settings of your device
  2. Tap on Security, and you will be taken to the security settings
  3. Tap the checkbox next to “Unknown sources”. Under this setting, you will read “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.”
  4. Your device will warn you about the security risks of this option. Tap OK to allow this feature
  5. You will now be able to install apps via APK files without going through app distribution platforms like Google Play

Installing the APK File

  • If you received the APK file via email as an attachment, simply tap Install to install the app on your device
  • If you downloaded the APK file from a website:
  1. Go to the folder containing the APK file. The file is usually found in the Downloads folder of your device
  2. Tap on the APK file to begin the installation. You may be prompted to allow some permissions before the installation of the app
  3. When the installation is successful, you will be notified by your device with a confirmation message

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