oregon trail game python code

Oregon Trail Game Python Code: How to Write Your Own

A lot has changed since the release year of the Oregon Trail – gaming graphics have definitely become better, and just about everyone can code a game on their own computer. While more experienced programmers prefer languages like C++ and Java for game development, beginners could start learning with a language like Python. Here, you’ll get to see how to write your own Oregon Trail game Python code.

oregon trail game python code

In this guide, we’ll show you the necessary tools you will need to recreate your beloved childhood game using Python. We have also provided some useful resources if you want a more in-depth explanation of the tools that you will be using.

Meanwhile, you might want to dive into Oregon Trail games’ history and some other fun facts about the game before you proceed with coding your own. You might also want to check the mobile app version of the game on our website.

Recreating the Oregon Trail on Python

Before we get started with coding, make sure you have installed the latest version of Python 3 and a Python IDE on your computer.

Python: A Friendly and Easy to Learn Language

What makes Python quite popular is because anyone can learn it even if you don’t have a programming background. Today’s culture of open-sourcing has made it easy for anyone to access any resources on the internet that will help them with their journey of learning programming from scratch.

Before we take a crack at writing your own Oregon Trail code on Python, download the latest version of Python 3 on your computer. If you need to brush up on Python’s basics, you can read a list of resources online which are available for beginners with non-programming backgrounds and beginners with some programming experience.

Download a Python IDE

Depending on your preference, downloading Python IDE is optional. More experienced programmers usually prefer coding directly on the Python command line. 

But for beginners, we’d suggest downloading a Python IDE like Sublime Text or PyCharm. IDEs like these enable programmers to do things in one application, which covers code writing/editing, building executables, and debugging.

The PyGame Package

PyGame is a package developed by Pete Shinners during the summer of 2000. This library enables programmers to write games or multimedia applications on Python that will run unaltered on any SDL supported platforms like Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Once you’ve installed Python 3 and a Python IDE on your computer, we have to get the PyGame library before we start writing the code. You can download PyGame by typing on the command line or adding the package using your Python IDE.

Using the Command Line

If you’re using the command line of your computer or other software that makes use of a command-line like Sublime, type this command to get PyGame:

pip install pygame

If that command doesn’t work, PyGame has provided simple installation guidelines for your operating system.

Using the Python IDE

If you’re using an IDE like PyCharm, you can download PyGame by adding the package through the IDE settings.

  1. Click on File and go to Settings
  2. Click on your project name and look at the Project Interpreter. You will see a list of the packages installed
  3. If pygame is not already installed, click on the plus sign located on the upper right
  4. The Available Packages window will pop up. Click on the search bar and look for PyGame
  5. Select PyGame and click on Install Package

If you haven’t worked with the PyGame library before, you can check out this newbie guide written by David Clark. David’s guide has provided some tips, so you don’t have to go through much of the trial and error phase.

You can also check this tutorial video from freeCodeCamp.org if you plan to use PyCharm for your Oregon Trail game recreation. The two-hour tutorial will walk you through some of the basics for coding a game on Python.

Writing the Python Code

What’s so great about writing your own code is that you could tweak the program any way you like it. So whether you plan to recreate a clone of the original game or modify parts of it, you have the power to do so with your Python code.

Depending on how confident you are with your programming skills, you can make your own Oregon Trail game (or a modification of it) from scratch or basing it on other programmer’s codes. We found Yudong Lin’s Oregon Trail Python code to be a good example.

Let us know if what you think about coding your own Oregon Trail Game. Leave a message below.

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